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Creating the yard of your dreams is within your reach with Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc.  To make it all possible, we offer everything from hardscaping, landscaping, irrigation, water features and luxury outdoor lighting by Coastal Source.  Let me tell you a little more about our luxury outdoor lighting.

There are many options available when adding outdoor lighting.  To get started, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I need outdoor lighting for added safety and security?
  • Do I want to create a nighttime outdoor living space?
  • Am I looking for both?

Most people are looking for both.  They want a yard that will be safely navigated by guests during the evening and have an area for friends and family to gather.

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc.’s certified Coastal Source technicians can help you meet your goals.  We can install path lights for pathway, niche and nose lights around your patio or deck, and bullet lights to up light your trees.

Do you want to make your dream a reality?  Let Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. transform your property into an outdoor oasis for you and your whole family to enjoy!

Coastal Source Outdoor Audio Systems

Designed specifically for outdoor environments, Coastal Source audio systems take advantage of the unwanted sound distortions that can be caused by interior walls. The speakers and audio systems are designed and built to withstand all climates while still delivering beautiful sound to your whole yard.

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping has experienced installation professionals that minimize the disruption to your home and yard.  Our outdoor audio systems only require a 120 Volt outlet to get started.  All wiring can easily be done outside without having to drill any holes into your home to connect to your indoor system.  Our systems are self-contained and can be installed quickly and easily.

The patented Ellipse Bollard speakers are not only beautiful with their sleek design, they always deliver the finest quality of sound.  These speakers are the perfect choice for your outdoor audio system.

Coastal Source outdoor audio systems are very easy to operate.  With many choices available in wireless music streaming from your mobile device (Sonos, Airplay, Bluetooth, etc.), you will be able to find one that works best for you.

Experience the amazing sound of the Coastal Source audio systems by allowing Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. perform a live demonstration at your home today!

Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting Installation

Remember to turn your clock ahead one hour this weekend as Daylight Savings time begins.  While this means we lose an hour of sleep, we have warmer weather to look forward to here in New England.  That means it’s time to plan your outdoor lighting installation!

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. has Coastal Source technicians on hand, ready to help navigate you through the process.

  • Once we have arrived at your property, our technician will walk around and make notes about ideas for fixtures, possible fixture placement and find the best place for the power source (transformer).  This initial walk-through will take about thirty minutes. 
  • Then, we will meet inside your home to look at your yard from another perspective.  This will allow you and our technician to view what areas of your property that you want to have lighting installed.
  • After we have finished inside, we will walk around your premises to go over the outdoor lighting design and placement.   Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc., will then take all the information back to our office and write up an estimate for the job.  After the terms have been agreed upon, our team will then contact you to set up an appointment for your outdoor lighting and property transformation!

Wouldn’t you just love to spend more time outdoors this summer?

Coastal Source Wiring Systems

Coastal Mini Connector (CMC) Extension Cables

As you’ve seen in earlier posts, there are many reasons why Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. uses Coastal Source Products for all of our outdoor lighting and audio needs.  Today, I would like to talk about the Coastal Source wiring system.

Other conventional landscape lighting systems need in-field splicing and soldering, need multiple tools and connectors to install, easily corrode and are hard to troubleshoot. 

Coastal Source simplifies outdoor lighting and audio installations by using their patented “Coastal Connector”-Plug and Play system.  This system does not require any in-field splicing or tools, their cables are designed with a heavy-duty PVC jacket and tinned copper wiring inside to avoid corrosion, use male and female twist connectors, and are waterproof with an IP68 rating.  

When choosing Coastal Source outdoor lighting and audio products, you can rest assured that our wiring will never rust or corrode and produce the common “point of failure” issues that many other systems have.  For the consumer, this means fewer headaches and less labor costs that would arise from us fixing connection problems.

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. believes that Coastal Source products are the best in the industry.  Let us show you the difference that they can make at your home.

Outdoor Lighting For Commercial Buildings

At Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc., we not only install outdoor lighting for residential properties, we also install for commercial properties.  Your place of business is a reflection of who you are and what you represent.  By adding outdoor lighting, it not only shows you care about the appearance of your building, but also that you care about your employees and client’s safety. 

There are many ways that you can ensure everyone will make it in and out of your building safely.  Make sure stairways are well lit by installing multiple niche lights or lip lights to the risers of all of the stairs.  Another option would be to add path lights at each side of the entryway if stairs are not involved.

Whether your building is small or large, wash lights and bullet modulus lights are a great choice for lighting up the side of any building.  Wash lights come in multiple watt settings (2.5-10) and throw a wider light.  Modulus bullet lights are commercial grade lighting fixture capable of throwing a maximum of 27 watts of light and have a directional light of up to 55 degrees wide.

Let Greatscapes by R&R Inc. visit your commercial property and demonstrate what outdoor lighting can do for your place of business.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. wanted to use a product that was not only beautiful but also one that would perform at its best, even while being exposed to all outdoor elements.  Coastal Source products were designed to withstand multiple climates.  Such as; ocean salt, harsh heat and humidity, snow and ice, irrigation systems, and pesticides.

All Coastal Source products that we install are made from one hundred percent brass, down to the nuts and bolts.  All cabling is direct burial, has 5 layers of protection and is waterproof (IP 68 certified).  All landscape lighting fixtures use low wattage LED lights to save energy and keep costs down for you, the homeowner.

Once installed, Coastal Source lights are very easy to maintain, requiring bi-yearly maintenance and cleaning from Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc.  Also, the “plug and play” cabling system makes it uncomplicated to add fixtures in the future. 

Now that you know more about why we use Coastal Source products, contact us today to set up an appointment for a live demo at your home.

Outdoor Lighting Accessories


Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping is a certified Coastal Source dealer.  We get excited about outdoor lighting accessories.

Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures can be adapted by using multiple accessories.  If we need to make a fixture taller, we would use a riser.  The risers come in several lengths ranging from 2”-72”.  This is a great option when you want a fixture to grow with your garden. 

Removable tip stakes are included with all “flex” series bullet lights or path lights.  These stakes come in two sizes (8” or 12”) and are used to firmly place the fixtures into the ground.  Speed stakes have multiple metal stakes attached onto a flush mount and are made to be inserted quickly into the ground.  Speed stakes allow us to quickly set up a demo at your home.

We use flush mounts when a fixture needs to attach to anything but the ground.  For example, installing a wash light into the wood above the garage door.   The flush mount allows lighting to be installed in places where you could not use a stake.  Surface mounts also allow us to also install a fixture in places where you cannot use a stake.

Theft guards are industrial strength discs that stabilize your fixture and prevent theft. The discs get attached to the stakes and buried into the ground.  The theft guards provide an additional 100 pounds lift resistance for extra protection against thieves.

We could also customize your outdoor lighting by adding colored lenses or using 15-degree angle lenses instead of 30- or 55-degrees lenses.  If you are looking to install new fixtures or are just looking to add accessories to your existing landscape lighting, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. will meet with you and review all of your options.  Call us today for an appointment.

Go Green At Home

Thinking about your carbon footprint?  Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. can help you go green at home by installing Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting.   Consider the following when choosing an outdoor lighting product:

  • Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures are 100% brass.  No plastic!
  • Brass fixtures will last a lifetime.  Plastic fixtures will be heading to the dump in a few years. 
  • Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures use extremely energy efficient low voltage LED bulbs.
  • Low wattage LED lamps produce very little heat.

If those reasons weren’t enough to persuade you to choose Coastal Source products, consider our efficient design and installation process.  Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. will be happy to give you a free demo at your home.  Contact us today for more information!


People have different needs when it comes to adding outdoor lighting to their property.  Some of the more common needs are:

  • Safety and security.  This reason is one of the most important ones.  When you have outdoor lighting installed on your property, you are creating an environment where your friends and family can feel secure when walking in your yard.  By adding path lights on a walkway and a wash light above your driveway, you will ensure everyone will be safe when they visit your home.
  • Displaying landscape or hardscape after dark.  Continue to flaunt your beautiful yard, even into the night.  With strategically placed bullet lights and/or path lights in your flower beds, you can display all of your gorgeous gardens for everyone to see.  You can also use bullet lights to up light statues or architectural features and highlight interesting and intricate details.
  • Night time entertaining.  Why should the party end when the sun sets?  It doesn’t have to when you have outdoor lighting.  By installing niche lights around a patio or deck space, you can create a gathering place for friends and family to enjoy.  Down lighting a gazebo or pergola using niche bullet lights or nose lights also produces an additional area for entertaining your guests. 

These are only a few examples of how you can incorporate outdoor lighting into your landscape.  Contact Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. to learn more about the endless possibilities outdoor lighting has to offer.

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