At the end of the lawn season, your irrigation system will need to be “blown
out” and winterized by a professional. This process is necessary to make sure
all water is removed from the irrigation lines to avoid freezing.  If
winterization to your irrigation system is not done properly, water will remain
in the lines and in other components.  If this happens, the pipes will
freeze and burst, causing extensive damage to the whole system. This can be
very costly to you as the homeowner.

Before arriving, our trained technicians will provide you instructions on
how to turn off the water supply to the irrigation system.  This process
will prepare your sprinkler system for winterization.  Once we are on your
property, we will use a commercial air compressor to thoroughly blow out your
irrigation system, one zone at a time. 

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. wants to help you protect your investment.  Contact us today to schedule your sprinkler winterization appointment or for more information, please visit our irrigation
page on our website at  
Also, follow us on Instagram @greatscapesbyrandr or like us on Facebook at

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