If you own a gunite inground swimming pool, chances are you like to swim during the day and also at night.  By adding Coastal Source yard lighting, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. will help you create a safe and beautiful backyard space. Listed below are 3 exterior lighting ideas that will have you enjoying that moon-lit swim in no time!

  1. Uplighting trees and plants:  Outdoor lighting can highlight your existing flower beds and specimen trees while adding a soothing ambiance to the perimeter of your gunite inground pool.
  2. Pool Deck and patio lighting: Installing low-voltage LED lighting will add a dramatic appeal to your swimming pool, patio or deck.  Lighting this outdoor area will also create a safe space for you and your family to gather after the sun sets.
  3. Water Features:  Create a beautiful focal point for your inground pool by illuminating any fountain or waterfall with luxury landscape lighting fixtures.

Designing your very own outdoor retreat can be possible by having Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. install Coastal Source yard lighting at your home.  For more information, please visit our premium outdoor lighting page at  Also, follow us on Instagram @greatscapesbyrandr or like us on Facebook at

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