Outdoor Lighting

Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. is excited to announce the new Generation 2 (G2) long throw niche low voltage landscape light by Coastal Source.  After months of research and in field testing, the G2 niche long throw LED outdoor light has new and improved features:

  • Completely new 3W LED module with 200 lumens (G1 had only 120 lumens).
  • Can light 5-6 feet across horizontal surfaces while G1 could only throw light for 3-4 feet.
  • The entire fixture is completely waterproof and the G1 was not.
  • The fixture is only compatible with the new G2 90° and 180° shroud markers.

Although certain aspects have changed, the G1 and G2 long throw niche light marker premium outdoor lighting fixtures still share some of the same characteristics listed below:

  • Compact and able to fit in small places for discrete backyard lighting.
  • Compatible with all Coastal Source outdoor lighting ½ inch accessories and able to fit in any 1” drilled hole or conduit.
  • Connects directly to the CMC plug and play system.
  • Clear, frosted or light reducing lenses available.
  • Vintage brass and nickel finishes only.

The niche light G2 long throw landscape lights are perfect for lighting any walkway, deck or the side of your luxury inground pool.  Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. has certified technicians ready to demonstrate this small but mighty outdoor home lighting fixture to you today. For more information, please visit the outdoor lighting page of our website.

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