Creating Your Own Staycation

Patio Outdoor Lighting

With less people traveling this summer and more people staying at home, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. can help you create a beautiful “staycation” destination.  Enjoy your outdoor sanctuary, even after the sun sets, by installing Coastal Source premiumlandscape lighting. 

Swimming pools, patios and outdoor kitchens, are just a few examples of areas that Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc.  install Coastal Source exterior lighting:

  • Path lights, installed around your outdoor kitchen or patio, create a beautiful and inviting space where you can enjoy your dinner
  • Niche lights, used by your pool, allows you to swim safely at night
  • Nose lights are a great option for brightening up your deck or gazebo
  • A Uniball tree light, added for down lighting, can create an intimate moonlighting effect
  • Tiki torch lights, placed around the exterior of your backyard, will transform your property into the perfect outdoor oasis

Be the envy of your neighbors.  Request a free luxury outdoor lighting demonstration to see how we can transform your backyard into the greatest “staycation” ever.   Contact Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. today!

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