Aside from the more commonly used landscape lighting fixtures (bullet lights and path lights), Coastal Source also has multiple specialty fixtures to help you achieve all of your outdoor lighting needs. Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. installs all of them.  Today, we will discuss the wash light, MR16 Uniball tree light, lip light.

Wash Light: The wash light fixture is used to illuminate a wider space while only using one fixture.  Examples applications are: the side of a building, a mature hosta, and a driveway.  You can choose between a 2.5/4 watt or a 5/8/10 watt setting. 

MR16 Uniball Tree Light: The tree light is designed to be used for downlighting a larger, more mature tree.  By having only one screw, there is less damage and stress to the tree when the fixture is installed.   

Lip Light:  Sometimes used in retainer walls, the lip light is designed for those hard to light areas.  The lip light is the perfect choice when added to an overhang, underneath a bench, or a stone staircase.

Step Light: Available in two styles, vertical and horizontal, the step light is utilized when adding a low level of illumination to steps or walls. 

In next week’s blog, we will discuss more specialty landscape lighting fixtures offered by Coastal Source.  With so many options available in premier outdoor lighting, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc will find the right one for you.

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