Outdoor Lighting Accessories


Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping is a certified Coastal Source dealer.  We get excited about outdoor lighting accessories.

Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures can be adapted by using multiple accessories.  If we need to make a fixture taller, we would use a riser.  The risers come in several lengths ranging from 2”-72”.  This is a great option when you want a fixture to grow with your garden. 

Removable tip stakes are included with all “flex” series bullet lights or path lights.  These stakes come in two sizes (8” or 12”) and are used to firmly place the fixtures into the ground.  Speed stakes have multiple metal stakes attached onto a flush mount and are made to be inserted quickly into the ground.  Speed stakes allow us to quickly set up a demo at your home.

We use flush mounts when a fixture needs to attach to anything but the ground.  For example, installing a wash light into the wood above the garage door.   The flush mount allows lighting to be installed in places where you could not use a stake.  Surface mounts also allow us to also install a fixture in places where you cannot use a stake.

Theft guards are industrial strength discs that stabilize your fixture and prevent theft. The discs get attached to the stakes and buried into the ground.  The theft guards provide an additional 100 pounds lift resistance for extra protection against thieves.

We could also customize your outdoor lighting by adding colored lenses or using 15-degree angle lenses instead of 30- or 55-degrees lenses.  If you are looking to install new fixtures or are just looking to add accessories to your existing landscape lighting, Greatscapes by R&R Landscaping, Inc. will meet with you and review all of your options.  Call us today for an appointment.

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